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Virginia, United States


Latitude: 37.5481167, Longitude: -77.4467472


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Eleanor N.  CA 1808Virginia, United States I18631
2 Hettie  1806Virginia, United States I1533
3 Permelia  Abt 1824Virginia, United States I1542
4 Sarah A.  Abt 1812Virginia, United States I18576
5 Adams, John H.  Apr 1854Virginia, United States I18571
6 Ayres, William Daniel  12 Sep 1835Virginia, United States I1534
7 Biggs, Allen  1809Virginia, United States I18670
8 Bolen, John B.  Abt 1849Virginia, United States I18570
9 Bratton, Susannah Elizabeth  3 Apr 1767Virginia, United States I1469
10 Burks, Leila Oshen  22 Aug 1856Virginia, United States I18673
11 Carter, Cynthia  4 Mar 1924Virginia, United States I7864
12 Crewdson, Ellen  1790Virginia, United States I11852
13 Crewdson, Ellen  Oct 1796Virginia, United States I11849
14 Crewdson, Mary A  1806Virginia, United States I7842
15 Crewdson, Rueben  Abt 1793Virginia, United States I11845
16 Crewdson, Thomas  9 Sep 1787Virginia, United States I11827
17 Crewson, Catherine  1856Virginia, United States I16533
18 Crewson, James  1822Virginia, United States I16538
19 Crewson, James  1852Virginia, United States I16541
20 Crewson, John  1847Virginia, United States I16542
21 Crewson, Martha  1845Virginia, United States I16544
22 Crewson, Mildred A  15 Nov 1785Virginia, United States I3659
23 Crewson, Moses  1854Virginia, United States I16547
24 Crewson, Susannah  1849Virginia, United States I16548
25 Dale Reid, Ressa  14 Mar 1904Virginia, United States I4195
26 Duffey, Eula  Abt 1889Virginia, United States I8696
27 Forman, Judith  Abt 1733Virginia, United States I16369
28 Gaston, Mary Ann  Abt 1760Virginia, United States I16362
29 Grinter, Margaret  1796Virginia, United States I11828
30 Hawkins, Eleanor  CA 1780Virginia, United States I18480
31 Hickerson, Henry C.  Abt 1829Virginia, United States I18578
32 Hopper, William H.  23 Nov 1823Virginia, United States I18629
33 Hoyle, Thomas Jefferson  1805Virginia, United States I1547
34 Jennings, Amanda Summerville  Aug 1840Virginia, United States I18503
35 Johnson, Elizabeth  Abt 1765Virginia, United States I7452
36 Jones, Thomas Hardaway  1799Virginia, United States I11152
37 Kestner, Philip A  1799Virginia, United States I4769
38 Kroesen, Isaac  1774Virginia, United States I12223
39 Life, Fleta  Jun 1869Virginia, United States I15419
40 Martin, James S  Apr 1839Virginia, United States I8100
41 Mc Cartney, Mary R  1807Virginia, United States I18671
42 McAllister, Sarah Darveling  28 Apr 1765Virginia, United States I3200
43 Morgan, Mary M.  Jul 1846Virginia, United States I18495
44 Nelson, Archibald Magil  1831Virginia, United States I18701
45 Oder, William  31 Jan 1771Virginia, United States I18615
46 Partlow, Frances Ray  Abt 1845Virginia, United States I18523
47 Randolph, Mary Susan  Feb 1861Virginia, United States I4081
48 Rittenour, Bosten  Abt 1837Virginia, United States I18583
49 Rittenour, Catharine  Abt 1830Virginia, United States I18580
50 Rittenour, Keziah  Abt 1836Virginia, United States I18582

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Lydia  Virginia, United States I18458
2 Crewdson, James  19 Apr 1798Virginia, United States I3656
3 Duncan, Susan  Virginia, United States I5013
4 Hoffman, Frederick Mason  19 Jun 1996Virginia, United States I10581
5 Huffstetler, Eli  24 Apr 1864Virginia, United States I10363
6 Jones, Ann Nancy  1820Virginia, United States I18454
7 Krewson, Absalom Reeder  19 Sep 1864Virginia, United States I14489
8 McCormick, Elizabeth  12 Nov 1853Virginia, United States I12025
9 Price, Virgina Rudsill  1 Apr 1862Virginia, United States I18698
10 Rudasill, Lucy Cornelia  24 Apr 1894Virginia, United States I18561
11 Rudasill, Mary Jane  Bef 1870Virginia, United States I18557
12 Rudeseal, Ezra  1862Virginia, United States I15705
13 Rudisail, Andrew  4 Oct 1862Virginia, United States I15839
14 Rudisill, Anna Jane  17 Oct 1919Virginia, United States I18659
15 Rudisill, Nancy  Aft 1822Virginia, United States I18445
16 Shuford, Capt Alonzo Brice Collins  30 Aug 1863Virginia, United States I18798
17 Ward, Anne  12 Apr 1846Virginia, United States I8070


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Rudacilla, Nancy  Virginia, United States I18462
2 Rudasill, John  Virginia, United States I18443
3 Rudisill, John  Virginia, United States I18478
4 Rupert, Heinrich  1824Virginia, United States I6023


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Doyle / Rudasill  1869Virginia, United States F5722
2 Frary / Crewdson  Abt 1774Virginia, United States F4769

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